TIP: Set “type” attributes explicitly on <button> elements

File under “Tiny little HTML5 useful tip.”


Apply this habit to all buttons contained within a form. Buttons outside of forms are just
buttons, not form controls.

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This week in front end architecture

In a react/redux application:

  • add a checkbox
    in jsx

  • capture its state by setting its vDom state with { [name]: !this.state.checked }
    in a switch statement

  • unit tests are jest snapshot diffs
    in typescript

  • className="bootstrap" or className={style.injection}

Making simple things hard in the front end again.

Using only Month and Year in jQueryUI Datepickers

User interface components in general are built with an expected user behavior. We used the jQuery-UI datepicker, to save time, but in an unusual way, which cost us a lot of time discovering what we’d missed. We re-learned a key insight, namely, month and year are navigation, not selection controls.

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Hello, world (again)

[originally posted 2013-08-11]

Thanks for stopping by.

I used to maintain this blog on github using Hexo, a Node.js module supporting markdown. I’ve switched over to wordpress online once I found it supported markdown (in the Settings section) so I wouldn’t have to go through all the rebuilding and deploying for such simple things as fixing a typo.

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