Preserving multi-line comment-style strings with UglifyJS2

[originally posted 2014-03-24]

Here are two quick and dirty examples showing how to preserve /*** multiline string comments ***/ when using uglifyjs (i.e., uglify 2.0). The first uses the basic uglify cli approach, while the second example uses gulp.

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JavaScript’s eval() and Function()

[originally posted 2014-03-14]

In this post, I examine JavaScript’s eval function and the Function constructor to highlight their similarities as well as their subtle differences, and how to use them without problems.

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Hello, world (again)

[originally posted 2013-08-11]

Thanks for stopping by.

I used to maintain this blog on github using Hexo, a Node.js module supporting markdown. I’ve switched over to wordpress online once I found it supported markdown (in the Settings section) so I wouldn’t have to go through all the rebuilding and deploying for such simple things as fixing a typo.

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